ROI of Enterprise Video

How can your company generate a more productive culture? Leverage the same catalyst of connection that your employees are using outside the office: VIDEO. Forrester research shows employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read a document.  That’s why leaders are bringing video into the mainstream workplace to stimulate content [...]

Reveal Brochure

Bringing secure video to the workplace. Everyone uses video to learn and communicate, but rarely in the workplace. Reveal addresses this gap and allows companies to bring video to all employees by providing security and access control over the video content while maintaining a simple user experience and social capabilities that users enjoy. Detailed analytics [...]

Reveal Vs. YouTube

Reveal video platform has advanced capabilities that YouTube cannot provide for the enterprise, such as managing content with permission settings, approval workflows, in-depth reporting, advanced video analytics and more.

Ask The Expert: Reveal

The demand to leverage video as a communication tool in the workplace is drastically increasing with countless use cases ranging from executive briefings to employee training sessions.

Tech Blog Writer Podcast Features Maven Wave’s Reveal

Tech columnist Neil Hughes recently invited Maven Wave’s own Brad Foster to come on his Tech Blog Writer Podcast, which aims to unite and connect the global tech community. Neil and Brad discussed Reveal, Maven Wave’s video platform for the enterprise. Read on for more!

Why Video In The Workplace Matters

The rise of video continues to soar, in fact, Cisco reports that video will represent up to 90% of internet traffic by 2017. Video is rapidly becoming the preferred medium to distribute information. Undeniably, learning information is easier in a video format than text—humans process information from video 60,000 faster than text (Psychology Today).

Preserving the Human Connection with Video Communication

Business has become increasingly global and the boundaries of what constitutes a “workspace” has evolved to virtually anywhere, anytime. Driven by today’s globalization and decentralization of the workforce, video communication has become an essential component of work productivity. Video allows companies to reach many people quickly and cost effectively. There are endless use cases for [...]